Lierac: Liftissime

2014-10-29 Villa posted:

Come and see us at Farmacia Villa of San Pantaleo, our winter pharmacy, to try out the new Liftissime from Lierac, 3D lifting for mature and aged skin.

What does it do? It gives a fresh look, lifts up the cheekbones, reduces wrinkles, opens and relaxes your look and gives more energy to your smile: in summary, it satisfies the dreams of any woman that looks at herself in the mirror.

Liftissime from Lierac is a new series of products designed to enhance the look of your skin.

It works like lifting: at the heart of these 7 new products there is innovation and research from Lierac. By using a new technique that unites both science and nature, a new formulae called Cell-Junction has been made: a combination of 3 ingredients that work together to revitalize the skin, relax the tissue and bring back volume to your look, for a lifting effect in 3 dimensions.

In addition the products have a nice flower and fruit based fragrance: soft fruits, white sambac jasmine flowers, white freesia and velvety sandalwood.

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Lierac: Liftissime