A wide selection of natural products for your well-being and your beauty.

Products for the face, body, make-up, and hair, as well as care for men and babies.

Most products are organic or natural in nature, to avoid intolerances and allergies.

Come and visit us in our pharmacies in Porto Rotondo and San Pantaleo to find out which products are best suited to your care.

Here are some of the brands you can find:

  • Avène
  • Diego dalla Palma
  • RoC
  • SkinCeuticals
  • SVR
  • Weleda


The Avene line offers products for specific treatments for the face, body and make-up, up to beard treatments for men and also includes a baby range.

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Diego dalla Palma

Taking advantage of the latest-generation studies and biotechnologies, the line creates high-performance treatments for skin care. The line of facial treatments is dedicated to the daily needs of every woman.

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Here is the entire range of RoC products for face and body care. Anti-wrinkle creams, anti-aging creams moisturizing creams and cleansers.

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The line offers cutting-edge facial treatments, designed to prevent the signs of aging, protect the skin and preserve its health.

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All SVR products are tested for all types of sensitive skin. The highly concentrated lines contain active ingredients that are suitable for your skin’s every need.

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Weleda offers natural based food supplements for health, and with the Pura Natura line, offers guaranteed BIO products. A holistic approach for anthroposophical medicine.

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In our pharmacies in Porto Rotondo and San Pantaleo you can find many beauty products:

  • face creams
  • body creams
  • anti-wrinkle creams
  • anti-aging creams
  • moisturizers
  • cleansers
  • make-up
  • beard treatments
  • baby creams
  • natural oils
  • organic lotions
  • food supplements

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The product lines that you can find in the pharmacy

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Products for the body, face, make-up and hair, from the best organic and natural brands in the world.

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Lotions, creams, oils and products for make-up and hygiene developed with the most sought-after ingredients in the world: caviar, gold, marine algae.

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The Sardinian sea is beautiful, but the sun can be intense. It is best to prevent sun damage using the best sun and after-sun care available.


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